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Learn How to Make an appointment private in Outlook

In this article we would discuss the option of making an appointment entry in your calendar private even through the calendar would remain accessible to others in your office. Do you feel frustrated at times, when all your colleagues get to know about all your appointments and schedules when you really wish to keep it all private? Well, then you must learn how to make an appointment private in Outlook. Whether you know it or not, all the appointments that you make in Outlook are shared...

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Know more about the To Do Bar in Outlook

The To-Do bar in Outlook is one of most underestimated feature of this remarkable email client. In this article we will help you exploit this feature to your advantage. Are you one of those people, who have a habit of making To Do Lists to manage works in a daily basis? Then, you would surely love to use the versatile To Do Bar Feature of MS Outlook. In fact, this amazing feature has been incorporated in Outlook to make things easier for the users. Be it tracking of the tasks,...

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Giving Access to your Account to another User (Delegating Access)

In this article we look at a scenario where you can delegate access to your Outlook account to another user. Do you wish that you had a personal assistant, who could take up your work emails in your absence and you can relax on a vacation free of hassles related to work? Well, thanks to the Delegating Access feature in Outlook, it is now possible to assign your emails to another user. As obvious from the name itself, this feature helps you to delegate someone in your place to answer emails...

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