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Getting Help while working in MS Outlook became all so easy

In Outlook 2016 the help feature get a big leg up No matter wherever and whatever we do in life, there are times when we need and seek help. This can happen while working on MS Outlook too. Thankfully, getting help while working in MS Outlook has become so easy. Now, get the help that you want to be more efficient in the latest 2016 version of MS Outlook in a faster way. Whether you wish to get help about a feature or you wish to ask a query while stuck in the middle of something in...

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Checkout the new look and feel changes in Outlook 2016

In this article we explore the key look and feel changes that have been showcased in Outlook 2016 Almost everything will be like new in MS Outlook 2016 and so will it’s look and appearance too. The boring looking black and white theme of Outlook 2013 will soon be outdated in front of the colorful themes of Outlook 2016. As a part of the strategy, Microsoft has introduced not just a bucket full of new and improved features in Outlook 2016 but the colorful themes too. Read on and...

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Quick Steps in Outlook – A brief low down about its advantages

In this article we look at some of the key advantages of quick steps in Outlook email client No wonder, if you are a professional using MS Outlook in office, then you might be having a mailbox full of different types of email messages including, spam messages, marketing emails and even promotional emails from the prospective clients. So, how exactly can you organize your mailbox without wasting your time? Well, this is where the Quick Steps Feature of Outlook comes to your rescue. From...

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