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Skillful Use of MS Outlook for Voting

When we need to collect others’ opinions by email, we could use voting button in Outlook skillfully. In this article we will learn outlook voting carefully. In our daily work, we often need to make democratic decisions. If enterprises want to convince staff of their decisions, they should collect staff’s opinions. In the digital age, we always prefer an online voting. Perhaps voting by various social media will occur to your mind at first. But if the voting is facing a massive...

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How to Send Outlook Emails at Scheduled Time

At times we have written an email ahead of time. Perhaps we would not like to send the email immediately. In this article, we will learn to send emails at scheduled time. Sometimes for sending emails, it is not the sooner the better. We often need to select a better day or best clock to send the emails. However, confronted with busy working, we often forget to send the emails at the best time. I believe that you must have met the situation that you want to send an email at scheduled time....

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Flexible Use of Auto-Reply in Outlook

Sometimes, we may be away from our computers so that we cannot reply the emails on time. Thus it is time to activate the function of auto-reply in Outlook. Although computer has become an essential component of our daily life, it is impossible for us to stay next to computer forever. For example, you won’t travel with a heavy computer. However, when you are travelling outside, others may send emails to you. I believe, when you lose a business due to miss of an email, you will regret...

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