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Why Not Create a Shortcut to Reply Message with Template?

If you’re often required to reply specific messages with reduplicative text, you can create a relevant shortcut so as to improve efficiency. Many people have encountered a situation that they need to reply some selected emails using the specified text. When required, they will open the document which contains the ruled text, copy the text and paste it to the message content. Someone may attempt to create a signature or a textual quick part so that they can insert it quickly. Actually in...

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5 Top Tips to Keep Your Outlook Inbox Clean

If used Outlook for many years, you must have received a myriad of emails. Thus it is essential to know how to keep your Outlook Inbox clean. I’ve heard quantities of complaints from my friends about their permanently mussy email Inbox. To keep it clean, they have cleared up it at regular intervals. I have to admit that making a periodical clean is a good habit. But if we’ve done daily sweep well, we needn’t spend superfluous time on post processing. 1. Don’t Make Inbox...

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Understanding Wait Stats in SQL Server – A Primer

In this article we look at using Wait stats to discover performance issues in SQL server Facing different types of troubles while working on a database like SQL is a common scenario. In fact, every time, the server is running a query, it starts tracking the duration of time required to be spend on all the bottlenecks. This is where the Wait Stats Feature plays its role. Wait Stats is an interesting and an often overlooked feature of SQL Server Database. These were first introduced in 2005...

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