File Recovery

How to Remove Unwanted Email Addresses from Autocomplete List

When you type one character in “To” field, there must appear a list of addresses for you to select. If you would like to remove some or all addresses from the autocomplete list, you can apply the methods mentioned in this article. In common situation, Outlook autocomplete list must have helped you a lot. You can simply choose desired one from the suggested list. But to the recipients that you mistyped and some that you don’t use any more, you must prefer to remove them from...

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How to Archive and Restore Your Outlook Signatures

Outlook signatures are kept in separate files. It means that your archived PST files cannot include the signatures. In this article, I will tell you where you can quickly access the signature files and how to restore them. If you have ever attempted to restore PST files via your backups, you might have noticed that you cannot recover previous Outlook signatures. It is because your backups don’t comprise your signatures. They are just stored in other files. To back up them, you would be...

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4 Essential Precautions to Avoid Outlook Corruption

Outlook corruption has bothered many users for a long time. Irrespective of its causes, you can take the 4 necessary measures mentioned in this article to prevent pesky PST file damages effectively. In contemporary era, email has become one of the mainstream communication tools. Accordingly, Outlook has been touted as the most popular email client in the market. It is due to its quantities of capabilities that Outlook earns a lot of praises. Not only can it serve as a standalone email...

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