Word Document Recovery

2 Ways to Reduce Your Word File Size by Compressing Pictures

Too many pictures in a Word document results in overlarge file size and slows computer performance. However, you can solve it by adopting the following 2 methods to compress pictures in Word. Word is a powerful tool which has various usages. Generally, we use it as a word processor to edit text files, which won’t occupy too much disk space. Inevitably, however, we need to insert some pictures into our Word documents. Of course, it won’t make much difference if we just add a few pictures...

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2 Simple Ways to Encrypt Your Word Files

To keep the privacy of our Word document, we can set a password to it so that nobody can access. In this article, we will offer 2 simple ways to secure our Word document with encryption. Word is a universally used tool in today’s society. Generally, we just write our Word document and save it somewhere in our computer. Sometimes, however, there might be some important or sensitive information contained in our documents. In such cases, we may protect our Word document by setting a password,...

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How to Automatically Backup Your Word Document

We may want to secure some important Word data by saving it to a backup document. In this article, we will then look at how to enable Word to create a backup copy automatically. Data loss is unavoidable for all Word users. Both external and internal factors can result in file corruption. Therefore, for some important documents, we may want to create a backup copy. But don’t bother to do it manually for each document. Because you can enable Word to create a backup copy of our files...

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