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Detecting corrupt mdb files – A Primer

Microsoft Access application is one of the most commonly used database application in the world and it stores information like tables, queries and indexes in MDB files. The MDB files which stores the information is vulnerable to various errors and corruption which can render the data unusable. It is therefore necessary to detect corrupt items and take appropriate actions to recover MDB files. There are various symptoms that may occur while opening items stored in the Access database, which...

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Quick Guide to Repair Access Database from a Critical Damage

Damage or corruption to files in Microsoft Access database is not new and is a common problem for a lot of users. Access database can become corrupt due to various reasons and it can be quiet a painful experience for the user to loose important data that were stored in it. However, keeping it is better to prevent damage to the database by following a few simple steps than to repair Access after the damage. Corruption of files in Microsoft Access is a serious problem for a lot of users who...

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Vital Steps to Minimize Corruption in Access MDB file

Along with knowing how to operate Microsoft Access properly, take regular backups of the Access data and how to repair damaged MDB files, as an Access user, you also need to be aware of what could cause corruption in the MDB file. This will help you take the vital steps needed to minimize corruption in an Access MDB file. There are many factors that could affect the functioning of the Access database. Hardware problems such as network cable faults or problems in the network interface cards...

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