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2 Methods to Enable or Disable Add-ins in Word

This is an article to demonstrate you 2 methods to enable or disable the add-ins in Word. Types of add-ins installed in your Word can absolutely lead to higher efficiency and productivity. However, at the very same moment, too many add-ins will slow your Word processing. What’s worse, they can even make Word documents unable to open. This can be frustrating enough. So, it’s quite necessary to learn tips to enable or disable all these add-ins on your own. Following are two ways to get...

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How to Save Your Time by Utilizing Auto Text Expansion in Excel

Excel has many hidden functions that enable this software to be a good helper. Thus, here we will discuss about the auto text expansion in Excel. In Excel, you will find that sometimes you will misspell some words. However, if you press “Enter” button or click other cell before you want to correct it, the word will automatically change into the right form. Therefore, you don’t need to enter the word for twice due to the small typo. This is achieved by the feature replace text in...

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How to Password Protect Specific Ranges in Your Excel Worksheet

The protected worksheet can protect data security very well. In addition, we will show you how to edit specific ranges in a protected worksheet. In our previous article, we have talked about protecting worksheet. And you may refer to it to see how it works: How to Protect Your Excel Worksheets with Passwords. But sometimes you need to send this file to other people, and they will modify certain area. For example, in this file, you need those sales representatives to check their sales...

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