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How to Insert Pictures into Cells in Your Excel Worksheet

It is easy to insert pictures into Excel worksheets. In this article, we will show you how to embed pictures into cells. In general, you cannot insert an image into a cell directly. But with additional settings, the image can stay in the designated cell. Insert Pictures into Worksheets Here we will demonstrate the steps to insert an image into the worksheet. Click the tab “Insert” in the ribbon. Next click the button “Picture” in the toolbar. In the “Insert Picture”...

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5 Effective Ways to Insert a Picture into Your Word Document

This article will mainly focus on showing you to insert a picture which can automatically update itself in Word document. Inserting picture into Word document has been a common tip for users to make their file attractive. However, when you modify the picture, the one you insert into Word file fails to update accordingly. So you may have to delete the original image and insert the new one into your Word file again. This is definitely not a pleasing way to conduct your work. Therefore we will...

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How to Remove the Formatting of Pasted Texts with Macro and VBA in Your Word

This article will demonstrate you how to remove the formatting of pasted text with macro and VBA in your word. It happens a lot when you copy a text online, and you find the text is in rich formatting. For instance, there are repeating words, blank lines, tab characters, etc. Yet, such formatting can be quite annoying especially at times you don’t need. Naturally, you would remove the formatting manually each by each. However, what if the text is a really long one? Then the above method...

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