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3 Effective Ways to Convert Your Word Document to PDF Format

In the text below, we plan to show you 3 effective ways to convert your Word file to PDF format. Generally speaking, most of us use Word to create a document in our day to day work. Yet, when it comes to sharing file, we opt for PDF. Admittedly, files in PDF format are better in preventing others from changing your file. Therefore, our topic today is to show you 3 effective methods to convert Word files to PDF format. Method 1: Directly Save Word File in PDF Format Firstly, open the...

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How to Present Your Data in a Half Pie Chart in Excel

Sometimes you need to present data in a pie chart. And in this article, we will show you how to present your data in a half pie chart. Suppose now you need to present the sales volume in a half pie chart. There are 12 months with the corresponding sales volume. And here you need to create two separate half pie charts for every half year. Below we will show you the steps to create the two half pie charts. Arrange the Data Before you create a half pie chart, you need to arrange the...

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How to Quickly Insert a Blank Row/Column into Every Two Adjacent Rows/Columns in Your Excel

In this article, we will introduce a method to quickly insert rows or columns into every two adjacent rows/columns quickly. In the image below, now you are going to input rows into to every two adjacent rows in this range. Instead of add rows one by one, you may also follow the methods below. Insert Rows Input the number “1” into cell D2 in this range. Secondly, input number “2” into cell D3. After that, select the two cells. And then double click the fill handle...

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