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4 Effective Methods to Delete Blank Rows in Your Excel Worksheet

There will sometimes be many blank rows in your Excel worksheet. Here we will present 4 methods to delete blank rows in your worksheet. In the image below, you will find that there are many blank rows in the range. Because you need to do some calculations for the range, you have inserted many blank rows into the range. And now it’s time to delete those rows. Below we have 4 methods to delete those blank rows in your Excel worksheet. Method 1: Delete Manually This is the most ordinary...

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How to Work with Access in Your Excel

Access and Excel have a lot in common. If you do not have Access on a computer, you can import your data into Excel so that you can work with your data. You can also link Excel workbooks to your database so that your worksheets are always up to date. Many companies choose to use Microsoft Access for their databases. This can be a great solution for smaller projects, but there is a potential problem with it. Companies usually will not get enough licenses to put Access on every computer. As...

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How to Print Comments in Your Excel Worksheet

Sometimes you need to print comments in your Excel. And here we will introduce the method to print comments. In an Excel worksheet, you will add some comments for certain cells. When you need to print the worksheet, you may also need to print the comments. Thus, you will get the entire information on the paper. In this image, you can see that there are two comments in the worksheet. And now if you need to print the comments together with the worksheet, you can follow the steps...

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