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2 Different Methods to Create a Funnel Chart in Your Excel

When you need to show the information in a chart according to the values, you can create a funnel chart. Hence, you can use the two methods in this article to create such a chart. The information in a funnel chart can show the original data in a more intuitive way than the ordinary chart. Funnel chart can also reflect data and information in a clearly way. Therefore, in such a chart, you can know the relationship of different data and information clearly. The image below shows a range of...

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How to Easily Create and Filter Data in a Pivot Chart in Your Excel Worksheet

When you create an ordinary chart in Excel, you will see all the data and information in this chart. Here we will introduce how to create and filter data in a pivot chart in your Excel. Even though ordinary chart in Excel can fulfill many tasks, you will still feel that the chart is not flexible enough. For example, you cannot filter data and information directly in the chart. Therefore, to make the chart more intuitive, you can create a pivot chart in your Excel. Create a Pivot Table...

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3 Effective Methods to Remove Spaces in Your Excel Cells

When you import contents into Excel from other sources, there will be additional spaces in Excel cells. In this article, we will introduce 3 effective methods to remove spaces in cells. Removing spaces in cells can be annoying because it is difficult to find the exact position. And removing those additional spaces will cause a bunch of time and energy. The image below shows the contents that we have copied from other sources. You will find that there are many additional spaces in this...

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