Excel File Recovery

Why Not Let Excel Speak Cell Contents for You?

Excel is able to store a huge number of data and information, and also it allows you to edit and also analyze your information. With its convenient function, Excel is widely used in many companies. And in this article, we will launch the features of Speak Cell Contents in Excel. In your work, you may sometimes need to deal with large amount of data and information. One file is stored in Excel, and another is in your paper. It is obviously very exhausting to read a number on paper, and then...

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2 Ways to Set Color to Alternate Rows or Columns in Excel

Excel has many powerful features that attract people to use it. And today we will introduce two ways to set color to alternate rows or columns in Excel. Excel is usually used to store and analyze data and information. And it is sometimes difficult for us to read the data in white color. Therefore, you can add different colors into different rows and columns. And with different color in different rows or columns, it is much easier for you to see the information in a big worksheet. But adding...

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3 Efficient Ways to Import External Data into Excel

Excel is very powerful in dealing with information. And today we will launch 3 methods to import external data into Excel. In your daily life, you will use some files to store some daily affairs. For example, you will use the text document to store shopping list. But later you need to import external data into Excel to arrange the information. However, you may find that the format of the pasted information in the Excel like this: Therefore, here we have three methods to import external...

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