Excel File Recovery

How to Diagnose and Fix Formula Errors Step by Step in Excel

We will use formulas in Excel to solve a variety of problems. And in this article, we will demonstrate how to how to diagnose and fix formula errors step by step in Excel. Most of the time, you will apply special function to solve certain Excel problems. And formula can handle most of the complex calculations. However, once the formula is complex, errors in formula can easily appear. Most of the time, one formula will contain several different functions, which add difficulties into the...

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How to Improve Your Efficiency via Fill Series Feature in Excel

Excel can serve as a very good helper in our work. And here we will discuss about the fill series features. In the process of using Excel, you may probably apply the fill features in certain row or columns. This is indeed a very practical feature in Excel. In addition, it has some other usage that can also help you finish some tasks. And now we will discuss about the fill series features in detail. Fill Series Feature Suppose you need to record the monthly sales volume in Excel. And you...

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How to Customize and Use Your Own Cell Styles in Excel

Excel enables users to modify the default settings according to actual needs. Thus, in this article, we will discuss about the cell styles in Excel. In an Excel worksheet, the cell styles sometimes can represent special meanings. For example, you will use the color grey to indicate that this cell is the first cell of an area. And the format will be applied according to your own habit and preference. What’s more, in Excel, there are already some predefined cell styles for you to choose....

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