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How to Use AND, OR and NOT Functions in Conditional Formulas

You can use conditional formulas in conditional formatting. And in this article, we will explore how to use AND, OR and NOT functions in the conditional formulas. In conditional formatting, you can use the combination of IF function and AND, OR or Not functions. Besides, in conditional formulas, you can omit the IF in the formula. Below we will talk about the usage in detail. AND Function In the image below, we want to highlight the months with the criteria: the sales volume of...

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3 Quick Methods to Show or Hide Gridlines in Your Excel Worksheet

Sometimes you need to show or hide gridlines to fulfill some tasks. Here we will provide 3 quick methods to show or hide gridlines easily. In your Excel worksheet, the gridlines can help you distinguish different cells. But on the other hand, sometimes you don’t need the gridlines. Therefore, you need to hide them. Below are the 3 different methods that you can apply. Method 1: Use Features in Toolbar There are two different places in the toolbar that you can show or hide gridlines....

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4 Effective Methods to Delete Blank Rows in Your Excel Worksheet

There will sometimes be many blank rows in your Excel worksheet. Here we will present 4 methods to delete blank rows in your worksheet. In the image below, you will find that there are many blank rows in the range. Because you need to do some calculations for the range, you have inserted many blank rows into the range. And now it’s time to delete those rows. Below we have 4 methods to delete those blank rows in your Excel worksheet. Method 1: Delete Manually This is the most ordinary...

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