Access Database Recovery

6 Security Vulnerabilities that Can Affect Your Access Database

In this article we take a close look at security threats that one needs to be aware of while running an Ms Access database. Keeping Access Databases safe is one of the top-most concerns of all database users and business users. With the increasing amount of security threats, growing rate of cyber crime and identity frauds, it is very important for an organization to ensure that all its databases are secured from different kinds of attacks. Although so many advanced forms of security threats...

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How to Link One Access Database to Another

In this article we explore the tricky issue of linking data from one Ms Access Database to another. You might have heard about importing or transferring data from one Access Database to another, it is done often, in a lot of scenarios. But moving ahead of the simple copy / paste technique, today we will be discussing about linking one Access database to another. This too is done in a lot of scenarios, like – when data from one table needs to be shared with data in another table, due to the...

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8 Quick Tips for Creating a Contact Management Database in Your Access

The Ms Access Database can be easily used to store contacts and serve as a full-fledged contact management system. Almost all businesses today are run on the basis of contacts and customers. The greater are your contacts, the more you will flourish. Majority of businesses today involve dealing with clients, and lot of other important people. Keeping a track of all important meetings and appointments with people can often get difficult and confusing. Therefore, for all the contact based...

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