Access Database Recovery

How to Use MS Access in a Strategic Manner in a Large Organization

In this article we look at using the Ms Access database in a large organization, often in conjunction with other database solutions. Access users often believe that it is an application ideal for small to midlevel organizations; for large organizations, high end applications like SQL Server or other enterprise grade databases should only be used. This statement is only partly correct. Access can also be used for large organizations, provided it is used in a strategic manner. You cannot...

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7 Mistakes to Avoid while Creating Reports in MS Access

When we create reports in Ms Access, it is quite common for some of us to make inadvertent mistakes. In this article we try to identify such mistakes and rectify them. MS Access is considered to be the best tool for generating reports amongst desktop databases. It not only helps generate comprehensive reports, but also provides user friendly tools for creating a report. Often while creating a report, there is a possibility that one might end up making mistakes, which can lead to errors in...

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3 Useful Tips to Secure Forms and Codes in MS Access

In this article we look at ways to secure Forms and Code we use in an Ms Access Application There are multiple options available to an Access user for securing the design of their forms, reports, codes, etc. One might attempt to make use of the permissions for securing the two, but it is important to note that Visual Basic is not supported by permissions. You can prevent users by looking at your forms and code designs by not removing the Read Design and The Modify Design permissions. By...

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