Access Database Recovery

Understand how a network drive failure to leads to MDB corruption

Microsoft Access as we all know uses MDB file to store information which can be shared between various multi-user networks especially in offices. It is a common practice in such open environments for employees to save their files on a network drive. However, sharing of files in a multi-user network can sometimes be fatal for the data as faulty network drive can render the file corrupt and useless. In such a scenario an effective MDB recovery is required to recover the data. Microsoft Access...

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Quick tips to recover an Ms Access database in case of slow performance

Slow performance while using Access is not an unusual problem and is quiet common for people working with it. Slowness can cause various problems while operating Access database like displaying errors while trying to open any file and in worse case not opening any files at all. It is therefore important to recover Access database in case of a slow performance which can cause hindrance to overall work and productivity. Slowness issues while operating Microsoft Access is a common problem and...

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Quick Tips To Correct Database Format mdb errors

MDB is the format which is used in Microsoft Access database application and it is where tables, queries, fields, data entry forms and reports are being stored. The .mdb files stores data in continuous pages and within a certain fixed size. The .mdb files are sometimes prone to corruption which may lead to loss of data. Whenever the files get corrupted it is necessary to repair MDB with proper tools to recover all the lost data. MDB file plays a pivotal role in the functioning of Microsoft...

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