Access Database Recovery

Buying Software Isn’t Like Buying Soup

People buy backup software and Access recovery software for the same reason they used to buy cans of soup: Safety. There's a fascinating story about Campbell's Soup in Phil Dusenberry's excellent book "Then We Set His Hair on Fire." Dusenberry was the Chairman of BBDO North America, one of the most successful and influential advertising companies in the US. The book's title refers to an accident that occurred when Michael Jackson's hair caught fire during the filming of a Pepsi ad. BBDO...

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Fixing Corrupt Access Files

What should you do when your Access database starts behaving strangely? Don't panic. Calmly start investigating the problems that you're experiencing, and see if you can isolate the cause of the ugly data that you're seeing on your screen. Reboot your computer The most likely cause of Access screens showing scrambled eggs instead of ordinary data is a temporary memory glitch. In addition to running Access, you're probably running a handful of other programs on your PC. Truth is, in...

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Access Web Apps

With Access 2013, you can create a database system on your local computer, move it to the cloud, and make it available to all of your customers, prospects, employees, or other stakeholders. Hundreds of people can access your web app at the same time. They can use their desktop or laptop PC, their tablet, and even some smartphones to interact with your web app. Can you simply move the Access database that you've designed on your desktop computer to your web server and call it a web app? No....

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