Email Recovery

How to Take Proper Backups of PST Files

Personal Storage Tables or PST files are used to store local email data. These can be used to hold all the Outlook data when Microsoft Exchange Server is not being accessed or if one is using an independent email account. Considering that the PST files store vital personal and business-related information, it is important that Outlook users know how to take proper backups of PST files. Users who are not using their Outlook application with an email account on Microsoft Exchange Server will...

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Effective Ways of Managing PST files in Outlook

Back ups form a very important part of managing PST files in Outlook. While many users store email data on their local computers, sometimes Exchange server administrators also store email data in the form of PST files on local hard disks. Thus users cannot always depend on the server administrator for recovery of Outlook data and need to know of ways to effectively manage PST files. If you have an email account on Microsoft Exchange server, you are probably using Outlook to access and store...

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Automating Backup of PST Files in Outlook

Most users are aware of the importance of backing up files that contain vital personal and business information. PST files that store email messages, contacts and calendar information among other things are amongst some of these important files. Knowing how to automatically back up Personal Storage files can reduce the burden on users while at the same time ensure protection of data. Almost all computer users know that having a good back-up and recovery mechanism in place is very ...

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