Email Recovery

A quick guide to bring back deleted emails in Outlook?

Bringing back deleted emails from an email client is the most difficult part of an Outlook recovery process. The deletion settings in Outlook plays an important part in the process of email recovery as it can decide if the deleted data can be easily recovered or not. Recovering recently lost emails typically pose little challenge and can be recovered easily. However, emails deleted about a week or a month ago can pose considerable challenge and you may need the help of specialized...

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When Microsoft Outlook Shuts Down Incorrectly

Many problems with Microsoft Outlook and the offline folder files or OST files occur due to hardware problems such as hard disk failure or power outages causing corruption in the file. There are times though when improper usage of the application causes corruption and one needs to verify the integrity of the data. We look at the steps we need to take when Microsoft Outlook shuts down incorrectly. In Outlook versions before 2003 such as Outlook 2002 or 2000, the offline folder feature or OST...

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Steps to Take When Large OST file Causes Performance Problems

Employees at workplaces usually are not too careful about the size of the OST files they use when they are working offline. This results in OST files becoming fairly large in size. Not only does this affect the performance of Outlook but there is a real danger that the OST file becomes damaged. We will outline the main steps that can be taken to deal with large OST files. As an employee, your organization would have allocated you an email account on a Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook...

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