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6 Steps to Customize Fonts for New Message

If you tend to change font size, effects and color in every new email message, why don’t you directly customize fonts as per your wishes? In this case, you cannot do the repeated work any longer. Outlook permits you to change the default font settings, no matter font, size, color, or effects. If you would like to make your message more special and attractive, you can customize fonts as well as theme in Outlook Options. Here are the 6 step in detail. Customize Fonts for New Message ...

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How to Change the Appearance of Outlook Navigation Pane

The view and options order of Outlook Navigation Pane can be adjusted flexibly as per your needs. In this article, I will tell you how to hide, minimize it and change its option sorting. “Mail” page can be divided into three parts, namely navigation pane, reading pane and to-do bar. In navigation pane, you can quickly access to calendar, contacts, tasks and other items. Moreover, flexibly adjusting it can also help you to improve your work efficiencies. Hide or Display Navigation...

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4 Measures to Protect Outlook from Cyber Threats

The advent of Internet benefits us a lot. But it also brings about many cyber threats. To protect Outlook effectively, you had better follow my proposals in this article. So-called Cyber Threats refer to various potential dangers on Internet, such as viruses, spyware, Trojan Horses and phishing links, etc. In previous times, these cyber menaces are not very complex. Therefore, many professionals can kill them with effortless ease. However, with Internet constantly improved, hackers are full...

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