Email Recovery

What to Do If Outlook Crashes Whenever You Select a Specific Email?

This article will mainly probe into how to deal with the terrible Outlook crashes each time you select a specific email. If you’re suffering this problem, just follow the suggestions below. If you meet this problem, deleting the suspected email may occur to your mind in the first place. However, when you try, the deletion will certainly fail. Therefore, in order to delete the harmful email, you should figure out the roots of the issue. Figure out the True Reason of the Issue Virtually...

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4 Ways to Identify the Located Folder of the Search Results

When you search the whole mailbox by search box in Home page, the results will be listed by date, irrespective of folders. So it will be difficult to identify your target items. In this article, 4 effective methods to quickly recognize the folder of the results will be introduced. I have utilized Outlook for a long time. So undoubtedly there are excessive emails stored in my mailbox. When I need to find some items but forget their located folder, I tend to search the entire mailbox by search...

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