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2 Methods to Insert Checkboxes into Your Outlook Emails

If you would like to include a small survey in the message body of an Outlook email, you will definitely wish to insert checkboxes. This article will introduce 2 simple workarounds. When it comes to carrying out a survey in Outlook, “Vote” feature will be the best choice. With regard to “Vote”, you can refer to another article – “Skillful Use of MS Outlook for Voting”. But if you hope to design a questionnaire directly in message body, which should include checkboxes, you can...

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How to Delete a Meeting from Your Own Calendar without Sending Cancellation Notifications to Other Attendees

In general, if you intend to remove an Outlook meeting organized by you, you will be requested to send a cancellation to other attendees. This article will introduce a handy way to delete the meeting without needs to send cancellation. On one occasion, I’ve initiated a meeting in Outlook and notified all the necessary attendees. Later, for some reasons, I wouldn’t be able to take part in the meeting. Therefore, I hoped, I could remove the meeting only from my calendar but kept the...

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4 Most Important Facts about Data Backups You Must Know

Data backup is becoming increasingly important. But meanwhile, it can be easily ignored as well. This article will take a closer look at data backups and expose its 4 facts. To put it simply, “data backups” is nothing more than a copy of you data. In instances of making backups on external drives, you can select the data on your computer, press “Ctrl + C” key button to copy, and then just press “Ctrl + V” to paste to the drive, which will create a duplicate of your selected data...

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