Email Recovery

2 Quick Methods to Forward Outlook Emails without “FW” Prefix in Subject

When you forward emails in Outlook, “FW” will be added to the subject by default. If you dislike it, you can apply the following 2 approaches to disable “FW” prefix in subject. As a rule, when we forward emails, the characters “FW:” will be inserted at the beginning of the email subject line. However, at times, for some reasons, we may hope to just forward the emails without “FW”. Of course, we’re able to remove it manually in the forwarding messages. But it’s a bit...

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4 Effective Tips to Reduce Hard Drive Failures

One of the most vexing issues for computer users is hard drive failures, which can lead to extremely severe data loss. In this article, we will focus on this trouble and offer 4 tips to reduce the hard drive failures. Nowadays, it’s believed that computer users must have realized the significance of data backup, which will play an important role in data recovery. For example, if we suffer an Outlook crash unfortunately, backed up PST files can help us recover Outlook data. However, in...

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What are Transport Dumpster and SafetyNet in Exchange Server?

In this article, we are going to look what is meant by transport dumpster and safetynet in Exchange server and its feature. Introduction: Transport Dumpster and Shadow Redundancy together forms the Transport High Availability. Transport Dumpster is a feature to protect emails that are in transit. We have multiple options to protect and backup messages that have reached the database, but when the email is in transit if a server goes down the email will be lost. Hence to protect those emails...

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