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4 Easy Methods to Insert a Note into Your Outlook Messages

Some Outlook users would like to insert a note or remark into email messages. In this article, we will exhibit 4 simple workarounds to accomplish it. At times, when you receive or send a special email, you may hope to add specific notes or remarks to it, such that you can readily recognize it from your stuffed mailbox. It’s believed that a majority of Outlook users have this wish. Therefore, here we will offer you 4 handy approaches. Method 1: Use Custom Flag for Follow Up As a rule,...

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6 Types of Exchange Clients and Their Protocols (Part I)

In this article, we are going to learn about the different types of standard clients for Microsoft Exchange Systems and the way how it gets connected to the server. Introduction: Microsoft was brilliant enough to predict the usage of Exchange system clients, eventually even the users started to rely completely on Outlook and Mobile Devices. The way most an Outlook users use the calendaring system is so dramatic that they even mark their lunch and tea sessions in the outlook calendars. Hence...

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In-depth Insight into Data Protection on Flash Drives

Flash drive is convenient for transferring files. But like other kinds of data storage media, it can be corrupt easily. Then your data in it will be lost. Now this article will delve into flash drive and offer some suggestions. When it comes to avoiding data loss, many users will think of data backups. It is exactly right. For example, back up your PST files, such that you will be able to recover damaged Outlook file in case of sudden crashes. But before backup, you should be prudent to...

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