Email Recovery

5 Top Mistakes Can Put Your Data in Danger

No matter for individuals and businesses, data loss must be extremely frightening. Actually it is human mistakes that put data at risk. This article will outline the 5 most common ones and give some suggestions about how to avoid them. In the contemporary era, data is all around. Along with it comes data protection. Without any doubt, protecting data has become equally important to data itself, in that no one can withstand the results of losing critical data. Even though more and more people...

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4 Effective Tips for Storing Files in Your Outlook Mailbox

Do you know that Outlook can serve as a file storage location? You can easily drag and drop files to the mail folder. They will be stored in Outlook mailbox. If you intend to use this feature, you should follow the 4 tips mentioned in this article. To move and store files in your Outlook mailbox, you can straightly drag and drop the files to one mail folder, like the following screenshot: If you are using an Exchange account or IMAP account in Outlook, storing files in Outlook mailbox...

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2 Methods to Search for Specific Words in Sender’s Name in Outlook Rule

Outlook doesn’t have a direct rule condition that allows us to search specific words in the sender’s name. So this article will teach you 2 workarounds to achieve “with specific words in sender’s name” in Outlook rule. When you try to create an Outlook rule that needs to specify the senders, you will find that only “with specific words in the sender’s address” is available, shown as the following screenshot: This Outlook rule condition points to the sender’s SMTP email...

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