Email Recovery

Why Your Outlook Emails Cannot Be Removed from the Server?

Some Outlook users complain that emails, which have been downloaded via POP3, still exist on mail server. Although they have disabled “leave a copy on the server”, the emails yet cannot be removed from server. This article will tell why in detail. Generally speaking, it is always suggested to leave a copy of emails on the server, in that it will permit you to recover the mistakenly deleted items from the server as long as within the specific days. But for some reasons, some people may...

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4 Top Reasons Why Your Computer Fails to Start

Have you ever experienced the case that your computer couldn’t start as normal when you hit the power button? It means that you will be unable to access the data stored in this computer. So as to resolve this issue, you should figure out its causes. In reality, computer’s incapacity to start is a common issue. So as to avoid data loss from this issue, it is highly recommended that you should keep a consistent and up-to-date data backup on an external hard drive or other kinds of storage...

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3 Means to Change the Default Font for Outlook Incoming Emails

If the senders haven’t specified the font for the email, when you receive and open it, Outlook will use “12pt Times New Roman” automatically. This article will tell you how to change the default font for Outlook incoming emails. In some email clients and web mail services, there is no native support to apply a specific font to the email even though it is in HTML format. In such a case, when the email lands into an Outlook mailbox and the receiver open it, the email will be shown in...

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