Email Recovery

How to Clear the Recent Search History in Your Outlook

When you search items by means of the instant search, Outlook will remember the recent search history automatically. This article will focus on how to clear this history. To find out the recent search history list, you should click into the search box to bring out the “Search” ribbon. Then you are able to find the “Recent Searches” button in the “Options” group. Click on it, and the recent search history will show up in the drop down list, like the following...

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What to Do If Your Smartphone Is Water Damaged?

Have you ever dropped your smartphone into water by accident? Water damage is able to destroy all of your data, like contacts and communication records, etc. This article will focus on this issue and guide you to minimize data loss. Traditional data storage media, such as hard drives, can get corrupted readily. So it is suggested to have a backup of the critical data to avoid data loss. For example, if having a valid Outlook data backup, we can recover damaged Outlook data with effortless...

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2 Quick Methods to Create New Emails from a Template with Outlook VBA

Since that many users think it cumbersome to find and use Outlook email templates, we will exhibit 2 quick methods to create new emails using a template with Outlook VBA in this article. More often than not, to use an Outlook email template, you have to firstly find out it by clicking “New Items” > “More Items” > “Choose Form”. Then In the “Choose Form” dialog box, locate and open the target templates in “User Templates in File System”, like the following...

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