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How to Change the Meeting Organizer in Your Outlook

Sometimes you may be required to change the Outlook meeting organizer for some reasons. But in fact, Outlook doesn’t support this, so you have to recreate a meeting with the same attendees and details. This article will teach you a quick method. In reality, I have ever experienced this kind of case as well. On one occasion, I’ve received a meeting invitation in Outlook from my colleague, who is the original meeting organizer. But for some personal affairs, he couldn’t attend and...

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What Does It Mean When You Find Bad Sectors in Your Hard Drives?

In computer realm, a sector refers to a section of hard drive that records your data. So when you detect bad sectors in your hard drive, what does it mean? What should you do then? This article will delve into bad sectors and offer you some advice. So-called bad sectors are the corrupted areas on your hard drive, which can no longer be read from or written to. That is to say, they are completely useless. At times, you may find out that even though there are bad sectors on your drive, the...

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4 Different Backup Methods in Your Exchange Server

In this article we look at several types of backup options present in Ms Exchange Server You can find multiple ways for backing up data in MS Exchange, which will help you keep data safe and secure. However it is important to note, that none of these methods are full proof and often require to be accompanied with other methods for best results. All the methods come with a set of advantages and disadvantages which you need to be aware of before you can make a selection of which method to use....

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