Email Recovery

How to Auto Remove the Prefix “RE” or “FW” in Subject when Replying or Forwarding Emails

When you try to reply or forward emails via hitting “Reply”, “Reply All” or “Forward” button, there must be “RE” or “FW” prefix added in the front of the email subject. This article will tell you how to let Outlook auto remove them with VBA. In our pervious article – “2 Methods to Forward Outlook Emails without “FW” Prefix in Subject”, you can get two workarounds to forward emails without “FW”. They are resending the emails and creating a “Forward” quick...

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How to Quickly Create a New Contact Group from Contacts in a Specific Category

After color categorizing Outlook contacts, you may desire to create a specific contact group from the contacts in a specific category. This article will teach you a quick way to accomplish it with Outlook VBA. “Color Categories” feature indeed plays a good role in classifying Outlook items, no matter mails, tasks, appointments or contacts. If you’ve assigned specific color categories to all your Outlook contacts, it is also advisable to gather the contacts which are in the same...

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4 Signs That Your Solid State Drive is About to Fail

Compared to traditional hard disk drive, solid state drive indeed has many advantages in terms of speed and stability. But it still can fail due to too many bad blocks. This article will teach you how to identify if your solid state drive is about to fail due to bad blocks. It’s known that a hard disk drive contains physical moving parts. But a solid state drive doesn’t have. This means that the solid state drive is exempt from old disk issues. But solid state drive is not flawless. Like...

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