Email Recovery

How to Quickly Delete Multiple Outlook Mail Folders in Batches

Undoubtedly, it is very easy to delete a single mail folder in Outlook. But if you want to delete multiple mail folders, deleting them individually will be quite cumbersome. In this article, we will guide you how to delete them in batches. As usual, when you intend to delete a single mail folder, there are two methods available. As shown in the following screenshot, one is that you could right click this mail folder and then select “Delete Folder” from its context menu. The other one is...

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How to Get a Notification of the Next Upcoming Task after Completing One in Outlook

In general, after you mark an Outlook task as completed, you may tend to check the next upcoming task subsequently. This article will tell you how to use Outlook VBA to let Outlook auto notify you of the next upcoming task. More often than not, many users are accustomed to opening and viewing the next upcoming task after completing a task in that they have to begin to deal with the next task. As usual, if you would like to check the next upcoming task, you have to first sort all your task...

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12 Most Common Causes of iPhone Data Loss

No one is willing to encounter iPhone data loss. It will be quite painful if there is a great deal of valuable and private data in the iPhone. This article will unveil the top 12 causes of iPhone data loss. Sometimes, you may find your iPhone data inaccessible for some reasons, such as you drop iPhone into water by accident, or it suffers logical issues like iOS system crash, etc. In a nutshell, there are myriad causes that can render iPhone data loss. When it comes to preventing data...

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