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12 Most Common Causes of iPhone Data Loss

No one is willing to encounter iPhone data loss. It will be quite painful if there is a great deal of valuable and private data in the iPhone. This article will unveil the top 12 causes of iPhone data loss. Sometimes, you may find your iPhone data inaccessible for some reasons, such as you drop iPhone into water by accident, or it suffers logical issues like iOS system crash, etc. In a nutshell, there are myriad causes that can render iPhone data loss. When it comes to preventing data...

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How to Get a Warning If Only Replying to the Email Sender without Other Recipients

At times, you didn’t notice that an email was originally sent to several recipients. So you simply click “Reply” to only reply to the sender. Actually you should click “Reply All” to reply to both the sender and all the recipients. This article will teach you how to get an auto warning when you mistakenly reply. Many users must have ever encountered such a case: You receive an email but do not notice that the email is sent to several recipients, not only to you. Thus when replying...

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How to Auto Add the Sender of an Email to Your Contacts When Replying It in Outlook

More often than not, you would like to add the sender of an email which you reply to your Outlook contacts. This article will tell you how to automate it with Outlook VBA. Actually, in the earlier version of MS Outlook, there is a native feature which can auto add the email addresses of outgoing emails to your Outlook address book. But this function is abandoned in the latest versions. Hence, as usual, you have to add the email addresses to your Outlook address book by yourself, which may be...

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