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How to NOT Auto Mark Email as Read until Flagging or Color Categorizing It in Outlook

Some users would like to not auto mark the new incoming emails as read until they flag or categorize them by color in their Outlook. So in this article, we will teach a method to get it in quick time via Outlook VBA. Outlook has a native feature for auto marking emails as read depending on the concrete seconds of your viewing the emails in the reading pane or based on the changes of email selection. It’s indeed helpful. Nevertheless, some users still want another choice – keeping emails...

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Will Disk Defragmentation Pose Risks to Your Data?

As we all know, disk defragmentation can improve our computer performance. But many are confused about whether it will endanger their data, such as causing data loss. This article will discuss this issue in detail. Disk defragmentation is a procedure to reduce the amount of fragmentation. In brief, disk defragmentation is the rearrangement of data on a hard drive, which can make the drive data stored contiguously and in order. More specifically, what it does is to physically organize the...

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9 Useful Tips to Identify Common Phishing Emails

Phishing attacks become more and more cunning. And they always pretend to be innocent in order to cheat people. As they are likely to disguise themselves in all kinds of emails, today we will discuss 9 problematic emails that you have to know. No matter business or normal social lives, people are likely to contact each other by sending/receiving emails. And a number of people don't have a good awareness of preventing phishing attacks. Therefore, many criminals choose to disguise themselves...

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