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How to Quickly Export an Outlook Folder with All Subfolders & Items to a Windows Folder

At times, you may want to batch export an Outlook folder with all subfolders and items to a Windows folder. This article will teach you such a method that is applying Outlook VBA. When you would like to export an Outlook folder to local drive with all items in the same folder structure, if you select to save and export manually, it’ll take you a lot of time. Thus, why don’t you resort to other means, such as any export tools or VBA codes? Here we will unveil such a piece of VBA code to...

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5 Solutions to Invalid Dynamic Disk Problem in Windows

When you find your hard disk is shown as a dynamic disk and is in “invalid” status in Windows Disk Management window, you will also be unable to access disk data. In this case, you can use the 5 effective solutions to get rid of this problem. In general, when you encounter any disk errors in Windows, you can access Disk Management to check related disk information. Invalid dynamic disk problem is one of the most common issues you can see in the Disk Management window. Nowadays,...

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How to Quickly Convert All Embedded Images to Attachments in Your Outlook Email

If you would like to quickly change all the pictures embedded in message body to email attachments, you do not need to manually remove and re-attach. You can just use the piece of VBA code exposed in this article. Sometimes, you may wish to batch turn all embedded images to attachments. For instance, too many pictures in the message body will interrupt your reading the texts in the body. Therefore, you want to remove them from email body and add them as attachments instead. Of course, you...

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