Email Recovery

10 Effective Tips to Protect Your iPhone Data

iPhone data loss has plagued many users for a long time. Therefore, in this article, we will teach you 10 useful tricks to safeguard your iPhone data. iPhone users can suffer data loss in various cases. For instance, you drop iPhone in water accidentally, or someone steals your iPhone, or you delete any important iPhone data like contacts, messages and so on. In a nutshell, plenty of matters can make your iPhone data inaccessible. Hence, it is an arduous task to protect your iPhone data....

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How to Quickly Add Selected Cells in Excel Worksheet as an Image Attachment to Your Outlook Email

Many users wish to convert the selected cells in an Excel worksheet to an image and then attach the image to an Outlook email. This article will introduce a method to get it with ease. In my previous article - “2 Methods to Quickly Send Selected Cells in an Excel Worksheet as an Outlook Email”, I’ve introduced 2 ways to embed the selected cells into the body of an email quickly. But, some users would like to convert the selected cells into an image and attach the image to an email. In...

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How to Quickly Find All the Contact Groups Containing a Specific Contact with Outlook VBA

At times, you may want to find all the contact groups containing a specific contact. This article will teach you how to quickly get it without needs to check groups one by one. When you desire to find out the contact groups which contain a specific contact, in general, you have to check all the existing groups one by one in your Outlook. There is no doubt that it will be a very tedious task. In order to simplify this, here we will expose a piece of VBA code to you, which enable you to...

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