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How to Let Outlook Auto Read out the Subject & Sender of Each Incoming Email

If you hope that Outlook can automatically read out the email subject and sender information as a new email arrives in your mailbox, you can use the way introduced in this article. It will combine a rule and a script to realize this easily. As usual, when a new email arrives, you will hear a default alert sound. But most of time, what you want is more than such a sound. You may wish that Outlook can read out the new email’s subject as well as sender, such that you can quickly get basic...

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How to Auto Print the Attendee List a Few Minutes before an Outlook Meeting Starts

Many users always need to print attendee list when an Outlook meeting is coming up. Thus, in this article, we’ll show a piece of VBA code, which can let Outlook auto accomplish this. Most of time, before a meeting, the organizer must require the attendee list. It is generally used for attendees to sign in. My previous article “How to Extract & Print Meeting Attendee List in Outlook” has introduced 2 ways. But both of them are fairly troublesome. Therefore, here we will expose a...

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7 Files and Folders You Should Never Delete on Windows

In order to free up more space on your PC, you may be used to deleting useless large files regularly. But you should never delete the 7 files and folders listed in this post. Otherwise, Windows system may crash and you may suffer miserable data loss. As we all know, aside from our personal data, Windows system is also occupying much storage space on our PC hard drive. Several files and folders generated by Windows are actually responsible for supporting the operating system to work smoothly...

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