Email Recovery

4 Easy Ways to Factory Reset Your iPhone without Losing Data

To be honest, many problems on your iPhone can be solved easily via a factory reset. But this operation will erase all iPhone data by default. No one is willing to accept data loss. So this post will show 4 ways to factory reset iPhone without losing data. So-called “Factory Reset” will thoroughly restore your iPhone back to its factory settings, so that this iPhone will work like a fresh new device. Also, after a factory reset, a myriad of issues on the iPhone can vanish into thin...

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How to Batch Export the Details of Multiple Outlook Notes into a Plain Text File

Outlook allows you to save many notes into a plain text file, but this file will only contain the modified time of notes without the detailed note contents. So this post will show a piece of VBA code which can export notes’ details to a text file in bulk. Perhaps you’ve discovered that Outlook default feature - “Save As” does not make a good job when saving multiple notes as one Plain Text file. It is because the text file will not include the elaborate contents of the note items....

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How to Batch Embed All Images from a Windows Folder into an Outlook Email

This article will teach you how to batch embed all images in a Windows folder into the body of an Outlook email. I’ve introduced how to quickly attach all files in a local folder to an Outlook email in my previous article – “3 Quick Methods to Attach All Files in a Local Folder to an Outlook Email”. Similar to that, at times, you may desire to quickly embed all images from a Windows folder into the body of an outlook email in batches. Thus, thereinafter, we will expose a piece of...

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