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How to Quickly Delete the Unused Color Categories in Outlook

If you want to rapidly find out and delete the unused color categories, which are not assigned to any outlook items, you can utilize the VBA code introduced in this post. To better manage your Outlook items, perhaps you’ve created many custom color categories. However, after a period of time, you may find some categories are not useful any longer. For instance, it has been a long time that some color categories haven’t been used for a long time. In this case, actually, it is suggested to...

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How to View All Image Attachments of an Outlook Email at the Same Time

At times, you may need to view all the image attachments of an email at the same time. This article will show you a piece of VBA code, which will quickly show and shrink all the image attachments of an email in the first page of a Word document. By default, to view all image attachments in one Outlook email, you can only open the image attachments one by one to check them separately. However, if you want to compare the images in detail or you just want to view all at once, you have to search...

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4 Easy Ways to Factory Reset Your iPhone without Losing Data

To be honest, many problems on your iPhone can be solved easily via a factory reset. But this operation will erase all iPhone data by default. No one is willing to accept data loss. So this post will show 4 ways to factory reset iPhone without losing data. So-called “Factory Reset” will thoroughly restore your iPhone back to its factory settings, so that this iPhone will work like a fresh new device. Also, after a factory reset, a myriad of issues on the iPhone can vanish into thin...

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