Outlook Data Recovery

Transferring PST Data from One Computer to Another

Since PST files are used to store important email data as well as information such as contacts, appointments, tasks, etc, it is obviously very useful to know how this data can be shared between computers. Since it is not possible to directly share PST files between computers, our article describes ways in which one can transfer PST data from one computer to another. If you have an email account on Microsoft Exchange Server, the best way to share the data from the mailbox is to use an OST...

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PST File Size Issues in Older Versions of Outlook

Many Outlook users who use versions older than Outlook 2003 find error messages related to the PST file size. Not paying immediate attention to this problem could cause damage to the PST file and perhaps result in permanent loss of data from the PST file. We look at how to handle the PST file size issue in older versions of Microsoft Outlook. Users of Microsoft Outlook 2002 and older versions, often come across the error message that reads as follows – ‘ Errors have been detected in...

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Protecting Data in Personal Folder Files in Outlook

Personal Folder Files or PST files are some of the most important files used by the Outlook application as they store all the vital email data as well as data such as appointments, contacts, tasks, etc. Protecting this data can take the form of backing up entire PST files or just updated folders. Either way, a user has to know how to protect all the data that is being stored in the PST files so that there is no loss of data in case of any damage or corruption in the files. The simplest way...

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