Outlook Data Recovery

8 Ways to Prevent PST File Corruption

Outlook PST files are prone to corruption. Are there any ways to prevent this? The answer is YES! Below I list 8 most important ways to prevent your PST file from corruption or damage: Do NOT bloat your PST file. Although Outlook 2003/2007 now supports PST files as large as 20GB. And Outlook 2010 supports 50GB, it is still highly recommended that your PST file should not larger than 10GB, because: Most operations with large PST file are very slow Large files more likely become...

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What to do when an inbox gets accidentally deleted in Outlook?

Email has today become one of the most important tools to keep in touch with the world. It can be used by an individual for both personal as well as business purposes, like communicating with clients and customers. However, there is always a chance of accident everywhere and sudden deletion of emails from the Inbox folder in Outlook is not new. Now let’s look at how we can prevent such accidents from happening and recover the lost data. At time while using you Outlook email client you may...

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Practical tips to safely manage PST files?

Managing back up is a very important part of managing PST files in MS Outlook. PST files are usually stable and do not show much problem but in some cases if a PST file happens to become corrupt then it become very hard to get back the data. As PST files have evolved into the most popular medium for storing data like emails, notes, calendar and other important and confidential data. So, people should take effective steps to manage the PST files. A PST file is used by MS Office tools like...

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