Outlook Data Recovery

Outlook can serve as a stepping stone to a full fledged CRM System in a small business setup

Most small businesses that manage to hang around for some years eventually experience a growth in their clientele. Once your small business has reached a respectable size, you need to consider using a CRM tool to maintain effective client relations and expand your business. However investing in a CRM tool may not be easy for every small business owner even if he or she is ready to bear the cost. It also involves a steep learning curve moving data into a CRM system for proper management. In such...

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Learn Why Most Alternatives to Ms Outlook Do Not Really Measure Up

The Ms Outlook email client today holds an enviable position in the desktop email client market and its pole position hardly seems to be under any threat. Though it is true that there are several email clients available today that claim to match Outlook, hardly any single application has the feature to match this class leading product. The sophistication of Outlook is so apparent that most users prefer it over Open source email clients that are available for free. Let’s look at some of the...

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Inbox Repair Tool Keeps Showing Up Error Messages Even After a Repair

In the computing world, occurrence of strange issues is hardly rare. In fact many experienced computer users have encountered bewildering issues and error messages while working on their Windows systems. The Outlook application also has to its credit a plethora or error messages that may at times appear confusing. Now imagine a situation where you have run the Microsoft’s Inbox Repair tool on a PST file to repair any issues associated with it. After it completes the scan it may in some rare...

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