Outlook Data Recovery

Removing Pesky Add-ins from the Ms Outlook Email Client

Lots of Outlook users tend to install add-ins to enhance the functionality of the email client. Most of the add-ins available today are easy to install and equally easy to disable or remove. However there are cases of certain third party add-ins that cause a lot of hassles when we attempt to remove them. From error messages that point to registry entries to unsuccessful attempts at removing software, many of us have encountered such issues and lived through the grief. Let’s look at some quick...

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Allowing Pictures to be downloaded from some specific contacts

Due to security threats from images embedded with malicious links and even possibly compromised with other threats, Outlook by default blocks images from downloading without explicit permissions. While you can customize the application to download images in all emails, such a setting can prove risky. However you may wish to receive emails with images from some selected contacts and would like to allow automatic image downloads for them. Well this too is possible in Outlook by placing such...

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Quick Tips to Deal with a Bloated Archive File that has reached its Size Limit

Of the several woes that an Outlook user often encounters, reaching the PST file size limit has been a perennial problem for those using older iterations of the email client. Apart from an overall file size limit, older iterations of the Outlook client had a rather limited file size limit for archived items too. Once the size limit is reached, it becomes difficult for you to archive more emails and you may even encounter an error message. However issue can be quickly bypassed by creating a new...

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