Outlook Data Recovery

Tracking down an Inadvertently Misplaced Folder in Ms Outlook

In some case, one of your Outlook folders may not appear in its designated place due to an accident or get misplaced due to a human error. At times while working on the Outlook email client you may need to move individual folders. For example you may have to move a certain project folder under a specific client folder. However during the course of moving folders you may accidentally misplace a folder or place it at a wrong place which you fail to remember. Now Outlook does not offer you...

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Quick Reply option directly from the Reading Pane in Outlook 2013 has limited features

If you decide to directly reply to a message from the reading pane, a number of features like inserting images or tables would seem to be unavailable. As an Outlook user who has seen the application evolve for more than a decade, the Outlook 2013 was a completely positive experience for me. The 2013 iteration was rich in options, gave a lot of thought to user friendliness and included some class leading features. From the People module that integrated every piece of information present...

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Practical tips for Creating Rules for Blocking Spam

In this article we would look at certain practical tips for creating rules with an eye on blocking spam. According to data obtained by leading web analytics firms, nearly half of the emails that move across the internet can be labeled as spam. Given such widespread menace of junk emails, one needs to constantly take up proactive measures to block such emails from making their way into your Inbox. Creating rules in Outlook can go a long way in blocking spam emails if they are well planned...

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