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How to Adjust Zoom Level in Outlook

Are you vexed at tiny or huge fonts when reading and writing emails? If so, you should learn to adjust zoom level in Outlook. Occasionally, we may encounter the situation where the fonts in email message are too tiny or too huge. In such scenarios, it is very difficult for us to read the message contents. What's more, we often meet the similar problem when editing emails. In general, if we find the font size is strange, we can check it in “Basic Text” ribbon. However, Outlook always...

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How to Prevent Emails from Being Marked as Read Automatically

The selected email will be automatically marked as read when it changes. Someone has complaint about it. Here is the means to disable it. In general, automatic “mark as read” does improve our efficiency a lot. Through it, we wouldn’t be required to mark the message as read manually. Therefore, I have never paid attention to “Mark as Read” until I encountered the situation where the unread message is marked as read automatically. It happened when I was just skimming through my...

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3 Essential Hints about Email Conversation View

Outlook provides us with several view options. This article will explore 3 essential tips about conversation view. In general, Outlook emails are viewed by “Compact” as default. We can also switch to “Single”, “Preview” and “Sent To”. They are default views in Outlook. Regardless of which view, we can assuredly opt for conversation view. It doesn’t conflict with the mentioned views above. Through conversation view, we can keep track of incoming and outgoing emails...

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