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How to Display the Remaining Days of Your Outlook Tasks

Outlook shows due date in Task list as default. You can also show the certain number of remaining days before the due date via the method introduced in this article. In To-Do list, we can check the due date of every task. To a certain extent, it can remind us to complete the tasks as soon as possible. But actually there is a more direct approach. That is to show the certain number of remaining days before the due date. Here are the concrete steps. Customize a Column of “Remaining Days”...

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5 Means to Eliminate “Cannot start Microsoft Outlook” Error

Are you subject to this Outlook error “Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook”? Or have you ever encountered it? In this article, we will explore 5 working techniques to eradicate this error. “Cannot start Microsoft Outlook” error message often appears when you double click Outlook icon but it hangs a long while. There are assorted reasons, such as corrupt navigation pane settings file, conflicted add-ins, corrupt profile and data file, etc. All in all, depending on different reasons, we can...

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How to Request Receipts Automatically When Sending Emails to Specified Contacts

To those extremely important emails, we tend to hope that we can get notified when it is delivered and read. This article will look at enabling Outlook to request receipts automatically when sending emails to those especially crucial contacts. I create a contact group in Outlook, which contains all of my significant clients. Every time I send emails to them, I always add receipt requests to the messages manually. But via the following method, I needn’t add it any more. Outlook can request...

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