Outlook Data Recovery

5 Approaches to “The messaging interface has returned an unknown error” Error

When you access to new emails, create new outlook items or carry out other common operations, you may receive the error – “The messaging interface has returned an unknown error”. This article will probe into 5 effective solutions to it. On one occasion, when I tried to open one of my new emails, Outlook threw out this error – “The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, restart Outlook”. I clicked “OK” to close the error message. But when I...

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2 Steps to Add a Watermark to Outlook Email Messages

As we all know, MS Word permits users to add watermark to the document, but Outlook cannot. In fact, by means of Word and Paint, we can add watermark to Outlook email messages as well. This article will tell you how to achieve it. Nowadays, it is important to create a brand identity during business deals. Thus when you communicate with your clients via Outlook emails, why not add your company brand to the message such as watermark? Although Outlook doesn’t provide us with the direct...

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What to Do If Dismissed Outlook Reminders Still Pop up Repeatedly?

When you discover that the Outlook reminders which you’ve dismissed still pop up repeatedly, do not panic. You can use the following methods to tackle it. I’ve ever encountered this situation that the dismissed task reminders still pop up repeatedly. At that time, what I did the first time is to delete the tasks in To-Do list. But a few days later, it appeared again. Finally I realized that this issue may be related to the corruption of reminder list or even PST file. If you are subject...

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