Outlook Data Recovery

How to Create a Custom Journal Entry Type in Outlook

Do you know that Outlook has the Journal feature, which enables us to keep diary? By default, it has offered us some common entry types, such as “phone call”, “task” and “meeting”, etc. This article will teach you to create a custom journal entry type, like “Shopping”. Apart from Email, Calendar, Task, Outlook has a good feature called “Journal”, which permits us to keep personal diary in Outlook. When you enable all the folders shown by “Ctrl + 6”, you will be able...

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How to Deal with 3 Common Types of Hard Drive Failures

As we all know, hard drive is entirely a repository of data. Once it fails, our data will say goodbye to us as well. This article will introduce the 3 most common kinds of hard drive failures and exhibits the according approaches. To protect our data, we’re accustomed to making data backups on external hard drives. For example, for Outlook users, they will tend to back up their PST files, which will make the PST recovery much easier in the event of Outlook crashes. However, not only...

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What to Do If Recipients Cannot See the Image in Your Outlook Signature?

When the recipients complain to you that your emails always contain an additional attachment or a paperclip icon, you may wonder why it happens. Actually, the icon or attachment is just the image in your signature. This article will delve into its root causes and the solutions. When an email contains an image, Outlook itself won’t change the image into an attachment or a paperclip icon. But not all the email client can behave the same as Outlook. Aside from the different mail clients,...

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