Outlook Data Recovery

How to Archive Your Emails by Received Date Instead of Modified Date in Outlook

Outlook always archive items on basis of the last modified date by default. While at times the modified date is not equal to the received date. If you hope that Outlook can archive your emails by received date, you can use the method introduced in this article. Sometimes you may find some old emails that are received before the scheduled archive date, will be still in your mailbox. It is because that Outlook archive works depending on the last modified date instead of the received date....

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How Much Data Can Be Recovered on Different Types of Data Losses?

When we suffer data loss, two questions will spring to mind. How can we recover the data? How much data can be recovered? In this article, we will discuss about the data recovery in depth. The odds of data recovery actually depend on the real causes of data loss and subsequent users’ actions. To increase the chances, you’d better stop further writing on the storage and take recourse to related recovery software. Now we will talk about the different chances of data recovery in 5 varying...

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2 Steps to Disable Protected View When Opening Outlook Attachments

By default, Outlook attachments in .docx, .xlsx and .pptx will open in Protected View. To edit it, you should press “Enable Editing” at first. If you may feel it annoying in that you’ve confirmed the security of attachments before opening, this article will tell you how to disable the protected view. When you double click on a mail attachment in Outlook, trying to open and edit it, you will discover that the file always shows in Protected View. You should press “Enable Editing”...

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