Outlook Data Recovery

2 Easy Methods to Disable Outlook Junk Email Filter

If you intend to use other external spam filter, you will need to disable Outlook junk email filter at first. This article will teach you 2 easy methods to disable it in quick time. To be honest, Outlook built-in junk email filter indeed helps us a lot in blocking spams. Nevertheless, it often malfunctions, such as even moving genuine emails into junk email folder. Therefore, some users prefer to use a different spam filter. Before putting the external filter into practice, they should...

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3 Handy Signs to Tell If Your Hard Drive is Overheating

Hard drive overheating can cause extremely severe data loss. In this article, we will expose 3 common and simple signs for this issue, helping you to confirm whether your hard drive is overheating. As we all know, hard drive failures can occur from multiple reasons, one of which is overheating issue. If your hard drive is entirely overheating, the data stored in the drive may be destroyed, including common file corruption like Word or PST file damage, large database corruption and so on....

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How to Change the Size Limit for Outlook PST Files

As we all know, there is a default size limit for Outlook PST files. In this article, we will introduce a quick method, which enables you to change the size limit as per your needs. Unlike the previous versions which use the old ANSI format for PST files, Outlook 2003 and newer versions have begun to use Unicode format. The new format has supported much larger data files. In Outlook 2003 and 2007 the maximum size of Unicode PST files are 20 GB. And since Outlook 2010, the size has been...

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