Outlook Data Recovery

4 Things You Must Consider When Protecting Data on Mobile Devices

With data storage developing constantly, increasing mobile devices arise, such as smartphones and tablets, etc. Like traditional hard drives, they can fail, too. Then data loss occurs. This article will list 4 matters needing attention when protecting data on mobile devices. Thanks to the mobile devices, the ways that we can store and manage our data have come more and more diverse. However, more risks appear surrounding our data at the same time. In the past, to prevent data loss, we will...

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3 Easy Tips to CC or BCC an Outlook Meeting Invitation

When you create an Outlook meeting, you won’t be able to find “CC” or “BCC” field. But many users wish to CC or BCC a meeting invitation. In this article, 3 simple methods will be introduced in detail. Many users may have noticed that there are only “To” field in the New Meeting window without “CC” or “BCC” fields. However, like CC or BCC common emails, sometimes you may hope to CC or BCC meeting invitations to someone else. In reality, via making some extra efforts,...

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